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      SlapMap can be fully customized for:

      • Music Festivals
      • Corporate Meetings
      • Conventions
      • Orientations
      • Stadiums
      • Info Desks
      • Retreats

      • Amusement Parks
      • Water Parks
      • Museums
      • Hospitals
      • Military
      • Schools
      • Hotels

      • Ski Resorts
      • Hiking Trails
      • Bike Shares
      • Cruises
      • Races
      • Tours
      • Zoos

      • Schedules
      • Instructions
      • Branding
      • Games
      • QR Codes
      • Note Taking
      • Advertisements
      • ...anything!


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    • SlapMap's Story


      SlapMap was born from my experience as a
      music festival attendee, hotel concierge, and world traveler.


      I've always loved paper maps -

      the aesthetic, the feel, the concept of a simple piece of paper guiding your day.
      Even in today's intensely digital world, there still remains a need to rely on them:
      traveling abroad without wifi, at a music festival with a phone that's lost its charge,
      or simply wanting to disconnect for a while.


      Frustrated with the waste of map and schedule booklets littering music festival grounds
      and city maps personalized for hotel guests then just left at my concierge desk,
      I sought out another way to keep necessary printed information right at hand and more desirable to keep.


      My hope is SlapMap can help you really focus on
      "wear" you are and the experience that's in front of you.
      I hope you enjoy it!

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